• Roko Zaper

God of War - Mystery or Battle?

Updated: Apr 25, 2018

With the new re-imagined God of War coming out in a few hours time (tries not to look at the download timer) I started to think about how a game's cover illustration can impact the way we think about a game. The illustration I first saw for the God of War was immediately enticing to me in its mystery. Here was a game I had clear assumptions about and yet the illustration seemed to dissolve those on every level. Here is the illustration you really can't miss these days...

As often happens when we see something consistently, the power of the image becomes fragmented. My initial wonder at what kind of game this would be like was turned into a simple equation. An epic shot of Kratos and his son. All the information I received contributed to this as well. I knew this was going to be a more mature take on the God of War series and that it was going to focus more on exploration. The illustration made perfect sense. It was only this week that looking to buy the game that I saw another cover illustration, one that really put the WAR back into the GOD OF WAR.

I almost got angry (but not Kratos angry) that I would have to purchase this cover over the one I had already decided was the perfect fit for the game. Fretting over this made me go back to the original illustration and realize what I love about it and what drew me into this world. The steel green and blue of the water, the sky condensing on frozen peaks, the ominous and obscure statues and the slight warmth offered by sunlit rock faces and birds set ablaze by the light. And what are Kratos and his son feeling? Determination? Fear? Hope? In this illustration you do not know what evil or mythical creature is just out of sight waiting for them.

I am really hoping to experience more of that first illustration very soon...It was seeing the alternative cover that really made me appreciate the art of the first one.