• Roko Zaper

From Sketches to Pixels - Street Fighter III The New Generation

As we approach the 30th anniversary of Street Fighter I thought it would interesting to look at the Street Fighter that made the biggest use of its art in game. Street Fighter 3 was in my opinion the apex of Capcom refining its art and pixel graphics to complement one another. If we are talking about detailed pixel art backgrounds then surely one does not need to look further than the first game in this series. From Sean's lived-in Christmas street in New York to a drizzly London street with a rainbow appearing, the pixel art on show was enormously detailed, gritty and beautifully captured the atmosphere of locations, something pixel art wouldn't seem like a prime contender for. The melding of art and pixels is perhaps exemplified by the intro, which actually features sketches of all the characters. Capcom's confidence in its art here was amazing to see and matured the series by going back to the root of its inspiration.

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