THE CREATOR - roko zaper


When I was a teenager a unicorn kept appearing in my dreams and I didn't really have a reason to keep dreaming of one :) I decided there must be a deeper meaning behind it and the story flowed naturally from there, something that doesn't happen too often...


I spent most of my days reading comics and playing video games so there was a wealth of influences to draw upon ;) I am going to start off by saying Final Fantasy because its an epic story that has personal themes running through it. A lot of other RPGs (Xenogears) come to mind as well as animated movies. Native American legends played their part some scenes were inspired by listening to classical, ambient and trance music. I love music that allows you to create imagery in your mind. I'm surprised at how much I write and draw to these images...



When looking at the sketches and concept art for movies and video games I was always impressed and inspired. They presented an abundance of ideas, creative energy and possibilities. For example the concept art for Miyazaki's films or the illustrations of Yoshitaka Amano. I even became disappointed with the 'clean' look of many final products. For the graphic novel I developed an art style that reflected my thoughts on this and which had an original feel to it. I wanted to avoid using computer software as much as possible and hand painted everything in a dreamy watercolor style, perhaps a bit reminiscent of the style of Hugo Pratt.




Volume I being successfully backed on Kickstarter was a huge milestone because as a creator you never know if people will support what you have spent time making. It was deeply gratifying to receive so much good will.  I really want to exceed my own expectations and those of others with the rest of the story and tell the kind of epic tale I have always dreamed about. It feels good to know that this won't be a lost dream...